Friday, August 25, 2006

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The Floating Lanterns Festival is held on the evening of August 15(Although there is no lantern dloat in this pic...) It is a tradition in Nagasaki that, on the first Obon (August 15) following the death of a family member, one places the soul of the deceased into a boat and sends it on a voyage to paradise.
This is my hometown's tipical ceremony for say good-bye to died people...Many lanterns are decolated with hand-made float formed like the ship(normaly their family and friends make it) and their soul enbark it to go to the heaven. People parades the floats ringing chinese bell so much and sets off great amount of firecrackers. (sometime it burns over 5m or more...)It is very gorgeous ceremony, but very sorrow one...


Noah Stone at the Hotel Cafe
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**Scene of Shoro-Nagashi/Spirit Boat Procession** (Konica HEXAR


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